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Company Overview

RianRecruitment is an international recruitment company based in Colombo Sri Lankathat offers manpower sourcing services for companies such as leading hotels,multinational companies and corporate houses across the globe. Enabling ourclients to find the best talent for their companies swiftly and efficiently weoffer a range of services which includes but not limited to permanent staffrecruitment, contract staff recruitment, an end to end visa processingassistance for Middle East Recruitment and Volume based recruitment. Whetheryou look for permanent employees or temporary recruitments for an assignment wecan help you find the right talent from entry-level positions to Director level.

We believein the “Power of People” and that a motivated and a qualified employee has theability to change the destiny of any company. Rian Recruitment is licensedunder Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment (SLBFE) and we specialize inproviding skilled and unskilled human resource solutions for various sectorslike hospitality, sales, construction, oil, power and gas, call centres, IT andmedical among others.

At RianRecruitment, we offer recruitment services for companies of all sizes in a widerange of industries to help our clients find the right combination of talents,skills, personality and attitude. Aim to deliver a satisfying recruitmentsolution for our clients we offer tailored recruitment solutions to meet theirunique requirements.

Utilizingthe cutting-edge technology, a committed team and effective processes wedeliver our clients fast and quality human resource recruitment solutionsproviding them with an excellent value for money.

With thewillingness to work beyond the call of the duty, we strive to deliver fast andconvenient solutions from initial briefing to developing and implementingrecruitment methodologies to interviewing candidates. Thus, our clients can100% rely on our recruitment solution with peace of mind.

Our Founder

ShantharaniThavaravi is the founder/ general manager of Rian Recruitment which she startedin 2015. With over 20 years of managerial experience in several leadingoverseas recruitment companies in Sri Lanka, handling end-to-end foreignrecruitment functions she established Rian Recruitment aiming to providehigh-quality recruitment solutions for organizations leveraging her vastknowledge and experience in recruitment policies and procedures for the benefitof the clients enabling them to transform human capital of companies intostrategic value of competitive advantage. During her long years of service, shealso has had the experience in dealing with personnel of foreign stakeholdersand relevant organizations connected to foreign employment recruitment.

Her visionof providing recruitment solutions with quality, relevance and legitimacy andapproaching every challenge with delightful enthusiasm and determination tosucceed has been the key to Rian Recruitment’s success.

Our Mission

To deliver tailor-made recruitment solutions that underlies the principles of continuous provement of services offered to maintain honesty, integrity & ethics in business while delivering a service beyond the call of duty relentlessly striving for complete customer satisfaction.

Our Vision

To provide all clients and candidates with an exceptional customer service experience and to ensure that all individual needs are met promptly and efficiently every time.

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Working with a team of highly experienced recruitment specialist and industry experts who are dedicated to finding the best talents for organizations through best recruitment processes. Committed to delivering quality recruitment solutions that surpass the expectations of our clients, our team will always work day and night to ensure that your needs are been met on time.